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Conscious Leadership, Leadership Development, Coaching

ODL Business Partners, Incorporated is a Human Resources consulting firm that specializes in Organizational Development and Leadership Development & Training.  We are a service provider for individuals and organizations of any size that seek to embrace and master the leadership of change.


     As you look at our logo:  

Everything inside the circle is what we do: Organizational Development & Leadership consulting and training.

Everything outside of the circle is how we do our work: in Business Partnership with you, our client.


We combined organizational development and leadership because we know that you cannot create sustainable organizational changes or transformations without also making changes to leadership mindset, styles, and norms.  These principals and operations must be linked together in order to achieve successful results.

Our HR Services cover: (please see "Services" tab above for more details)

  • HR Compliance Audits and Policy updates

  • HRIS Technology

  • HR Administrative Solutions

  • Mergers & Acquisition

  • Up - Down - and Right Sizing

  • Change Management

  • Culture Change

  • Culture Alignment

  • Employer Branding

  • Employment Search Services (resume writing & updating, interviewing preparation including video services)

  • Conflict Resolution (including investigation processes and services)

At ODL Business Partners, Incorporated we know that your culture makes or breaks your business.  Quality leaders make a difference in their businesses and in the world -- they stand out from the crowd, and they drive positive cultures.


Businesses are successful when their leaders present a vivid vision of the future and have a solid organizational development plan that will ensure success. To partner with our clients:

  • We have organization development solution and processes that enhance your change efforts to add a measurable degree of increased success to your development efforts.

  • We develop customized webinars, seminars, workshops, and retreats.

  • We search, find, review, and critique organizational development and leadership training, seminars, and workshops, then we bring you the very best of the best!


ODL Business Partners, our training sources can become your best training resources:

  • Our leadership workshops are designed to 'get you noticed', to help you stand out from the crowd and dramatically increase your ability to navigate your career and/ or your organization’s changes and transformation successfully. 

  • Our organizational workshops help you attend to the most challenging aspect of any transformation: the human dynamic.  This includes the operational relationship you need to have with all of the employees, the relationship you need to have with all of your clients, and vendors, as well as the relationship you have with your own leadership style. 

  • Our custom designed programs are tailored specifically to your needs and are focused upon your strategic goals.

ODL Business Partners is proud to offer 5 high quality workshops for you to select from including what we believe to be the top two workshops in the world:


1)  The Organization Workshop created by author and researcher Barry Oshry.  This workshop is a transformative, powerfully real-life based experience that will benefit everyone who finds themselves inside of an organization: for-profit company, not-for-profit organization, religious & civic organizations, government agency, large families, and even neighborhoods!


That's not all...


2)  The Leadership Challenge Workshop created by authors and researchers James Kouzes and Barry Posner.  This leadership workshop is a dynamic focus on leadership practices for anyone seeking to freshen their leadership skills or who wants to move their leadership to the next level.

Are you seeking a bargain for the professional development and training needs of your company?

All of our workshops can be customized to meet your strategic goals and by bringing the workshop to you, the per-person cost is much lower than the cost of our workshops that are open to the public.

We want to be your "Business Partner" so call us with any questions or suggestions - we will listen and we will help to find a workable solution!


When taking your professional development into your own hands, ODL is here to be your Business Partner!

We have what you are looking for or we know who does!

ODL Business Partners offers leadership development programs that can positively impact your career trajectory and organizational development processes to help your company accomplish 

extraordinary goals!

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At ODL Business Partners, Incorporated, We Believe in Practicing What We Teach:

Leading Forward by Example.

Our founder Has Acquired a New Certification:
Certified Eligible School Business Administrator

ODL Business Partners, Incorporated is Now Conducting Business Services 

On Behalf of Public and Charter Schools in New Jersey & Pennsylvania, USA

At ODL Business Partners, we can help you  differentiate yourself as a leader and be seen by your peers as the titan you really are!!!