ODL Business Partners, Incorporated is a Human Resources consulting firm specializing in Organizational Development and Leadership.  We are a service provider for individuals and organizations of any size that seek to embrace and master the leadership of change.  A change at the individual level usually involves personal goals and restoring and building relationships that are important to reach your goals.  A change at the corporate level will depend on where your organization is right now on the business life cycle and where you want to take your company.  Any change initiative is a costly endeavor.  Working with ODL Business Partners will substantially reduce that cost while also saving you time, reducing your error ratio, and increasing your rate of success.

We are often asked what ODL stands for: Organizational Development and Leadership.  We combined the two because we know that you cannot create sustainable organizational changes or transformations without also making changes to leadership mindset, styles, and norms.  These principals and operations must be linked together in order to achieve successful results.


We don’t profess to be experts in your business and we will not show up at your office and tell you what you should be doing in your industry.  Nobody knows your business as well as you do and we respect that, it is not where our expertise lies.  We are specialists in developing solution processes for organizational development and in creating customized leadership development training programs.  Our work enhances your change efforts and will add a measureable degree of increased success to your development efforts.


We also don't have a one size fits all process!  The plan that we will design for your needs is solely targeted toward the solutions that will achieve your goals.  We practice deep listening and that starts with our first conversation.  We are consistently focused upon achieving your specific goals.  Having said that, we also guarantee that you will be receiving homework!

We pride ourselves in working with you or your C-suite executives as your Human Resources & Organizational Development business partner.  We are genuinely open, candid, and authentic with our clients with the goal of building a strong relationship with you.


Our goal is to help our clients, like yourself, get their ‘happy’ back.  We want you to remember and return to enjoying all of the things you love about your career, your position, your organization.  We help you work smarter and not harder, this in turn helps you increase revenue and have more time for life outside of your office and your organization.


Once we understand your goals and the type of change you are seeking, we pull resources from various philosophies and extensive research as well as from industry best practices to design a program specifically for your needs.  Next, from that research we select the methodologies and best practices to create a set of solutions targeted toward your specific goals.


Our consultants will design a program specifically for your needs, crafted from industry best practices, established philosophies, and extensive research.  We couple that research with our own considerable knowledge and experience to create solutions targeted toward your own particular goals.  We will offer you evidence-based advice that is immediately useful and applicable to your needs.  Our goal is to deliver comprehensive and powerful solutions that give you a high return over your investment.


Our clients are varied and include (but are not limited to) business owners; company presidents; chair-persons and / or their board of director members; C-suite executives; Vice Presidents and Director level professionals seeking personal leadership growth and / or organizational development process enhancements. What ties them all together is a vision of change that begins with personal leadership growth and / or organizational development process enhancements.

Our clients receive specially tailored leadership coaching and development plans with their personal goals as the focal point.  We offer programs that meet one-on-one and several types of programs for group participation.


ODLBP specializes in bringing proven organizational development enhancement processes that dramatically increase your ability to navigate your organization’s changes and transformation successfully.  We ultimately help you attend to the most challenging aspect of any transformation: the human dynamic.  This includes the operational relationship you need to have with all of the employees as well as the relationship you need to have with all of your clients.  We will create custom designed programs tailored specifically to your organizational needs and focused upon your strategic goals.


At ODL Business Partners, Incorporated we know that quality leaders make a difference in their businesses and in the world -- they stand out from the crowd.  We also know that businesses are successful when their leaders present a vivid vision of the future as well as a solid organizational development plan that will ensure a larger degree of success. We partner with our business clients in achieving quality results by offering two types of leadership training platforms: Leadership coaching for leaders who are reading to work on specific goals and leadership development, for leaders who are seeking to change their overall leadership style.

ODL Business Partners also offers seminars & workshops that are open to the general public and can positively impact your career growth trajectory.  Please see our two workshop tabs for more information.

At ODL Business Partners, we can help you  differentiate yourself as a leader and be seen by your peers as the titan you really are!!!

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