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Which Partnership is the best fit for your business situation?


  • SME Worker/ Consultant: sometimes you just need to get the work done and having someone come in who needs minimal amounts of information to hit the ground running.  In business situations like this, you need a Subject Matter Expert (SME) who is also a Worker.  We rollup our sleeves with a focus on excellence.  While getting the work done, we will create a set of training procedures, and once your new employee is in place, we stay to train them for you.


  • Pure Consulting: we review your current processes and outcomes, evaluate methods that target organizational goals, recommend solutions and provide the pros and cons of each recommendation.  Always forward looking, we will help you create reachable strategic goals and tactical plans for reaching your short-term, mid-range, and long-term organizational goals.


  • Out Sourcing: we will take the accountability off of your shoulders and we will do the work from our offices saving you time, staffing, and offering you a high level of quality and accuracy.


  • On-going Service/ Support:

    • Annual Retainer Services: this provides you with expert advice during moments of crisis and handles the reactionary needs of your organization.  Some clients use the retainer to cover annual projects such as benefits research.  We can create an agreement to fit your needs.

    • Ombudsperson Services: this provides your organization with a neutral third-party compliance resource.  This is an employee level service, recognized by the courts as an internal method to resolve complaints, process suggestions, and offer a risk-free method for employees to make reports of good conscience.  Employees receive coaching about what concerns them and only those concerns that have legal or consequential culture issues to the organization are reported.  The identity of the employee is confidential unless the concern requires an investigation. This service can be a great employee engagement asset and confirmation that your employees opinions and concerns are important to you.


Human Resources Services:

Organizational Development

Leadership Development

Legal HR Compliance Audits and Policy updates:



HRIS & ERP Technology

Initiation, Measures, Objectives, Integration, Trends

HR Administrative Solutions

Recruitment: All Positions

Employer Branding

Corporate Communication & Employee Engagement


Research & Purchase, Administration, Audits, IT Solutions

Conflict Resolution:

Processes, Coaching, Team Building, and Investigations

Unemployment / EEOC/ HRC

Non-legal representation, Policy review, Coaching

Mergers & Acquisition - HR Activity Lead

Project Management & Project Planning


Customized Training:

Assessment, Design, Evaluation, and Facilitating.

Available training: Supervisor’s Training, Sexual Harassment, Conscious Leadership

Safety & Security:

Committees, Workers' Compensation, Training

Union & Non-union Environments

Specialized HR Certification Training & Coaching

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Conscious Leadership, Leadership Development, Coaching
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