Leadership Development & Coaching

Leadership development and coaching both require deep listening to those you come into contact with so it is no surprise that at ODL Business Partners, our leadership development journey begins by listening to you, our client.


The story of your journey and what has transpired that has brought you to this point in your career and life.  We learn who you are and what is important to you – or in other words, we learn about your personal set of values and the goals you have set for yourself.  We encourage you to see ‘the possibilities’. 


Next we work with you to determine your current leadership style and we seek to understand what is working and what is not working.


Your consultant will review many of the various leadership styles and discuss each one with you.  During your discussion we will highlight the positive and negative traits of each of those styles.  It is not uncommon to create a hybrid leadership style by picking parts from several styles that match your personal value system.


Finally, we create a development program specifically for you, targeting your goals.  The program is designed to meet you where you currently are and move your skills toward your goal.  Your plan will be like having a college course designed specifically for you and you are the only student in the class!  Together with you, we agree upon and create a timeline for the completion of your training.  Incremental meetings are scheduled and you have the flexibility of meeting in person, via video conferencing, or by telephone.


Your consultant is always available to assist you as you practice your newly acquired leadership skills.  We will celebrate your successes and hold your hand through any difficult transitions!  You are not alone; we are always by your side.  We stay with you as you become comfortable with your new leadership style.

Leadership Coaching

ODL Business Partner's Leadership coaching is for professionals who are already one of the top executives in their organizations and have a leadership style that is well developed.  Executives in this category are savvy enough to realize that something is not quite right – it’s an acquired intuition.  If you are not achieving the results you desire and you know something is just not quite ‘spot-on’, this is the service for you.
Leadership coaching moves away from theory and practice and moves toward perceptions.  This service is usually more time critical to your goals and you seek answers quickly.  Our consultants work in synergy with you, elbow to elbow and shoulder to shoulder.  Your consultant will walk this small portion of your journey with you and through observation will partner with you on solutions.  The research that is utilized often leaves the realm of leadership and moves into organizational development and back again.
Often this type of coaching may require a shadowing experience so we can help you to refine your working leadership and at the same time, work with you to review the impact of your communication style verses your intention.  During a shadowing experience our consultant is either with you in person at your office (preferred) or in constant contact via electronic methods.  This type of experience allows your consultant to observe the perception others have of you.  This can return extremely helpful insights that can be the genesis of your development plan.

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