The Leadership of Change

Did you know that over 70% of change initiatives fail?

The leadership of change is the process of planning your change initiative wisely before you begin to push changes through your organization.
When considering the leadership of change the first step is to identify which type of change you need to undertake to reach the goals you have set.  If ODL Business Partners are on your team early enough we will help you determine which change effort you need and thereby begin to reduce potential and very expensive errors.
There are 3 types of changes:
  1. Developmental
  2. Transitional
  3. Transformational
It is very easy to select the incorrect type of change.  The name of the change type is not as literal as you may think.  Understanding which type of change you need requires the due diligence of evaluating your organization to pinpoint the drivers of change that are the root cause of your reasons for planning and executing a strategy.
ODL Business Partners, Incorporated will help to guide you through your examination and work with you to understand how the drivers of change that exist within your organization can be used to leverage your change method.  This process generates great insights into the correct type of change you need and the change strategy as well as the leadership strategy that your effort requires.  
Different ideas, different opinions, and different directions for the organization.  They're critical to an organization's success, but left unfocused, they also make organizations fail.  A lot of organizations get where they are going, but not always by the straight route.  At ODL Business Partners, we not only help you get there, but get there ahead of the competition!  Our Organization Workshop is designed specifically for this challenge and if you combine that two day workshop with the two day Leadership Challenge workshop you have a powerful week of informative training on which to launch your own diagnosis.  The power of these two workshops back to back is why we offer them several times each year (please see our workshop tabs).  We can bring them to your organization or you can send your team to our scheduled workshops that are open to the public.
The consequences of not accurately defining the type of change you need can create costly failures.  Over 70% of the time.
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