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At ODL Business Partners, Incorporated, we agree that leadership is an ability that can be cultivated in everyone.  We also believe that leadership is needed at every level of any organization if that organization is to be successful and achieve transformational results. The practices and behaviors of exemplary leadership is what we teach and coach during The Leadership Challenge seminars and workshops.  We coach practices and behaviors because these are the measures and marks of a true leader.


Leadership development is for individuals, for-profit and not-for profit organizations, private and public companies, higher education, civic and religious organizations, as well as governmental agencies of any size.

Leadership transcends age, gender, job title, race, and even social economic positions.  It is everywhere.  In the best of what we experience, there is excellent leadership at play.  In the worst of what we experience, excellent leadership is needed. 

At ODL Business Partners we search and test leadership trainings created by many, many organizations and authors.  We bring you the very best of the best in leadership training.  We are proud to present and highlight "The Leadership Challenge Workshop" a Wiley Brand propitiatory training product.  It is the result of over 25 years of academic research and published results by authors James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner.


The ongoing research by these two men has uncovered the truth about leadership: Yes, even those leaders who were created were also born!  They have published multiple books on leadership including The Leadership Challenge and are recognized around the world as leadership experts.  Their work has culminated in the creation of both the Leadership Challenge Workshop and the Leadership Practices Inventory, a 360 degree leadership measurement tool.

ODL Business Partner's 2017 Leadership Workshops


The ODL Workshop

The ODL Workshop combines organizational development and leadership development into a one-day information packed workshop.

Leadership-360 Workshop

Begins with a 360 degree leadership evaluation created by Kouzes and Posner titled Leadership Practices Inventory which includes a seminar titled Conscious Leadership created by ODL Business Partners.

The Leadership Challenge Workshop

The Leadership Challenge Workshop is a 2-day workshop.

The Ladies in Leadership Workshop

The Ladies in Leadership Workshop is a one-day workshop designed by and for women in commerce.  While this workshop was created by ODL Business Partners, we had the input of many women in business, and men too!


ODL Business Partner's Workshop Format Options

ODL Business Partners offers Leadership Workshops in the following formats:

  • 1/2 day seminars - customized and conducted at your location

  • 1-day workshops - customized or attend one that we host that is open to the public

  • 2-day workshops - customized or attend one that we host that is open to the public


All of our workshops that are open to the public for registration will have size capacity limits so register early!  Many of our workshops will also carry "continued professional education credits" for those holding Human Resources certifications with SHRM or HRCI.

Upon your request, ODL Business Partners can bring any of our Workshops to your group, company or organization.  


We can design any of our Workshops to compliment your strategic goals.

ODL Business Partners is pleased to offer a discount to U. S. Military Service Personnel, senior citizens, and college students please be sure to ask in your registration request.

ODL Leadership Workshop Details:

The ODL 1-Day Workshop


This workshop combines organizational development (OD) and leadership development (LD). OD is the art of making change feel effortless.  The largest barrier to successful change management is a lack of trust between leaders and their employees.


According to a 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer Survey, an estimated 30% of employees do not trust their employer creating many business challenges.  Broken trust between is costing companies billions of dollars annually in reduced productivity.  Conscious leadership is more essential than ever before in maintaining employee trust. For this vital reason, OD and LD are two sides of the same business savvy coin.


OD training gets to the heart of partnership in organizational life. We delve deeply into why partnerships are vital to an organization's success, what gets in the way of partnerships developing and the very important role leaders need to play to make great achievements possible. We help you see your organization as a system so you can strategize with confidence!


This workshop is a combination of our Leadership 360 Workshop and our Organizational Workshop and is a great way to sample both in one day!  We begin this workshop about a week prior to the workshop date when you receive your leadership evaluation tool. During the workshop, we spend the first half of the day reviewing your leadership evaluation, target your personal value system, and help you create a working leadership development plan.  During the second half of the day we move onto OD with an exciting organizational exercise that you will remember for years to come!


This workshop is for:

  • Anyone seeking to begin their personal leadership development journey

  • Business leaders and directors who want to improve their ability to connect with and motivate those who work with them.

  • Young business professionals who want to cultivate a stronger voice.

  • Human Resources consultants who seek to include the new systems-view approach to organizational development strategies.

  • Those who would like to sample part of our Leadership 360 and part of the Organizational Workshop and do it all in one day.

Leadership 360

A 1-day Workshop: Much more than a seminar!!

This one-day workshop is kicked off with the famous 'Leadership Practices Inventory' created by authors Kouzes and Posner. This workshops begins several weeks in advance of the workshops scheduled date, which is when you will receive your electronic evaluation tools.

We collect evaluations from your co-workers up, down, and across your organization, we include people from all areas of your life so you can gain a snap shot of where you are right now in your leadership development.


During the first half of the workshop, we delve deeply into the results of the LPI's 360-degree view of you as a leader. You will be able to see where your leadership skills rank among your peers worldwide. Next, we guide you step by step as you develop a plan for your leadership growth.


The second half of the workshop is spent delving deeply into your personal value system to create a uniquely individual foundation upon which you can develop your leadership style. You leave the workshop with a personal leadership plan that is ready for action!  You also leave this workshop with a set of activities to reinforce your leadership!  You have the freedom to continue your development well beyond the workshop.


This workshop is for anyone who has or currently is managing at least one other person and is designed to provide you with a contrast upon your current leadership results and those you seek to achieve. Your fellow workshop attendees will also be supervisors, directors, C-suite executives, business owners, managers, and VP's so come prepared to network! 

The Leadership Challenge Workshop

This is a 2-day Workshop


This is THE dynamic workshop!  Leadership is everyone's business! Imagine a world where everyone you meet is taking their personal leadership seriously. A world where honesty and integrity are common, where partnerships are repaired as soon as they are damaged - it could be a beautiful thing!

People who believe that talent can be developed are the ones who really push, stretch, confront their own mistakes to learn from them. This two-day workshop features the evidence based research by authors Kouzes and Posner. Your workshop experience begins a few weeks before the workshop when you receive your the same electronic LPI 360-degree evaluation tools as is used in the Leadership 360 Workshop above. The very same assessment used in the on-going leadership research project by James Kouzes and Barry Posner!  

During this workshop, we will deliver your LPI 360 results to you and work with you to discover and uncover your leadership potentials.  Next we evaluate and work on your values and belief systems. W e know that those who lead primarily from their values-based motivations outperform those who use other impulses. W e begin our journey through the five exemplary practices of leadership and finish those practices on our 2nd day together.

This workshop also includes homework at the end of the first day that we will use and review during the second day.

This workshop is for anyone and everyone: those who lead others or just lead yourself and has been designed for the serious minded person who understands the value of transformative leadership.  This is a highly interactive, multimedia-designed learning experience -- you will be inspired! When you leave this amazing workshop you will be prepared to continue your leadership developmental journey toward becoming an exemplary leader with tools and resources to support your leadership development well beyond the workshop.

This is a thought provoking workshop where we question everything and seek to find answers for everything because everything IS possible!


Exemplary leaders are more successful in meeting job related demands, more successful in representing their group to upper management. They create higher performing teams and renewed loyalty and commitment because quality leadership really DOES matter! 


Ladies in Leadership 1-Day Workshop

Are leadership issues different for women in business then for men in business?  Absolutely yes – just ask any woman!  Women hold 52% of all professional-level jobs but lag substantially behind men when it comes to their representation in leadership roles.  Looking only at the marketing and advertising industry, women comprise 46% of the industry as a whole yet only 11% hold the creative leadership position.  Why is an important fact? Although women are the largest consumers, men are selected in overwhelming numbers to create the onscreen brand images!


Ladies, come out and join ODL Business Partners, Incorporated as we explore the difference between male and female leadership styles.  We will cover the history and current statistics that represent women in leadership roles.  We will discuss:


  • Does Gender Matter?

  • Different Communication Styles

  • Competing in the Marketplace

  • Self-Branding

  • Mentoring & Training

  • Gender and The “C-Suite”

  • Glass Ceilings & How To Break Them

  • Pay Equality Issues

  • “Is It Me?” Exercise


As with all of our leadership workshops, we begin with a review of your current leadership style and your values.  From here we discuss what is happening in the lives of the attendees in the room and we openly discuss solutions ideas.


This workshop is led by women and is for women – sorry guys!  This workshop is for any woman, or person who identifies as a woman.  We will create an environment where participants can openly share what challenges you as well as what motivates us as women to excel in leadership roles throughout the world!

Call to request information on any of our workshops!

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