The Organization Workshop / 2-Days

A different way of seeing things!

Just what makes The Organization Workshop so different?  For starters, you don't just talk about these organizational development issues, you live them!  Participants experience first-hand what life is like in other parts of the organizational system.  By design everyone can feel, appreciate, and understand the different levels of an organization, and the worlds that are created within those different levels.

The Organization Workshop is also about more than individual learning.  


It's about:

  • Building human systems that share a common business objective.  

  • Creating a common framework develops that can produce real changes in your organization.  

So what exactly happens at The Organization Workshop?

 It's an energizing experience that has been proven effective with hundreds of organizations worldwide!


We could tell you that it is a blend of experiential exercises, we include some cognitive theory, discussions, and application activities.  But that might be misleading.  More accurate would be that it creates a sense of understanding that hits you like a wake-up call!  The experience of identifying systems, beginning to think about systems in a broad way, and being able to see into the worlds of others within the organization with the realization that you do have choices.  You CAN make a difference from any level or position within the organization.

 It's an energizing experience that has been proven effective with hundreds of organizations worldwide!

With a common framework and more mutual understanding and respect across organizational lines and levels, clear practical strategies emerge for working together more effectively.  By working together more energy is available for the task of making your organization more successful and positioned for substantial growth.

Wednesday and Thursday September 11th & 12th - 2018

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Submitted for 10 CEU's with SHRM & HRCI

Two Days of Training?  Who Has Two Days?

The Organization Workshop is a full two-day program.  However, it is NOT two days away from work.  Participants engage in two days of doing the work of your business or organization in a new setting - a setting that helps everyone deal with the challenger and issues faced by the organization in a powerful, new light.

Participants examine issues and challenges they face back on the job or in their life.  They leave with a strategy for improving their world, both for themselves and for the system in which they work.  For any organization faced with challenges of competition, reorganization and other business issues, it's a small investment of time that can pay dividends for years to come.

The Organization Workshop is for corporations and organizations of any size.  It will reshape the thinking of your teams in private, or public corporations; for profit or not for profit organizations, religious or civic organizations, and even for families!  If you are a professional working in the organizational development and training field -- this is a must for you!

We can bring The Organization Workshop program to you and customize it specifically for your organization, or we can help you build your own team of trainers to run programs in-house at your organization.  We also offer The Organization Workshop program several times each year in various locations - open to the general public.

Your organization may be at a crossroads.  Which is why The Organization Workshop helps you find your organization's own route to success!

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Each workshop seats a maximum of 40 participants

Not sure which way to go?  The best step is to give us a call to review the options and find out more.  ODL Business Partners, Incorporated works in tandem with other organizations world-wide.  We will help guide you to the option that is best for you and your organization.  So find out how you can help your organization move ahead!  Call us today at 800-326-7510 or click on the 'contact us' button in the footer to send us an email.  We look forward to speaking with you!

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