Organizational Development

Change is happening everywhere and at a pace that is constantly increasing in speed and complexity.  The success of your change effort depends on how successful leaders are at leading their change.  Needing organizational development is not an 'if' kind of question, to keep pace with competition, change is required and that moves the 'if' to a 'when'.  Why? Because adapting to change is necessary for an organization's survival.

Organizations spend tens of millions of dollars every year on change efforts: information technology and stream-lined processes in operations and accounting departments; supply chain and vendor management; culture shifts; and diversity planning just to name a few.  Of the many pitfalls for organizational development change efforts is the human element.  If your people resist the change, the cost can be lost revenue, financial expense, and reduced moral.  Change efforts that return weak results can also create market share reductions and high levels of turn-over.


ODL Business Partners brings organizational development processes and solutions for small and large organizations.  Your desired change may be in the partial list below or may be something very specific to you or to your organization or industry:

            Culture concerns

            Diversity concerns

            Experiencing too many errors

            Errors in various processes/ departments causing culture issues

            Inter-departmental grievances

            New product or service creating operational nightmares

            New operational process not being adopted quickly enough for results

            Experiencing organizational growth - and growing pains

            Concerned about your organization’s knowledge based capital

            A recent merger or acquisition that introduces a culture that is not compatible

            Experience low trust, high turnover, or high stress levels

            When you find yourself trying to manage too much conflict

Organizational development initiatives occur on both large and small scales.  They can be focused on changing an entire system or a portion of the system but regardless the size of your change effort, the initiative must be linked to your strategic plan.  ODL Business Partners, Incorporated will work with you regardless of where you are in the OD intervention process:

  1. Diagnosing the environment to determine the readiness of the targeted audience to accept the change

  2. Developing an action plan that identifies specific target variables, determine the strategies to use, and implement the plan

  3. Evaluating the results to determine if the behavior toward the change has occurred 

Our programs are built upon a custom platform and are designed specifically for you and your concerns.  Our processes will help to reshape departments, divisions, or your whole organizations via a reverberation from its core.  This is a process that is proven to be one of the most powerful, impactful, and dynamically developing methods available today.

When you are ready to move away from managing resistance and implementation to a co-creation of a positive future through a well-run and successful transformational change process, call ODL Business Partners, Incorporated.

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