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American Community Journals

Sharing Rich Cultures

With Vibrant and Positive Words!


Owned by American Community Journals,

the following digital publications celebrate

the vibrant economy of each county they represent.


We publish short, concise, easy-to-read summaries of the county’s assets: its commerce, cultural, and community news and events.


Experience and enjoy the rich cultures of each county by clicking on the publications logo.


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Drug testing and background screening

ARCpoint Labs of Limerick is committed to providing businesses and individuals with professional, secure and cost effective drug testing, regulatory compliance management, clinical services and DNA testing.

ODL Business Partners, HR Certification, Master Senior HR Certificate

Villanova University:

Master's Certificate Program

Senior Professional Human Resources

Designed to help you prepare for the

Human Resources certification exams

Chester County

Human Resource Association

CCHRA’s mission is to enhance the practice of Human Resource management in Chester County through education and networking opportunities. The Association strives to fulfill this mission through the exchange of information among its membership and its affiliation with SHRM.

Ifultech and ODL Business Partners, Incorporated

Achieving the highest level of results for our clients in Software Development, Web Development, Mobile Development, and much more

ODL Business Partners, SHRM Chapter, Greater Pottstown SHRM Chapter
Visit us to learn more about 
Continuing Education credits for your HR certifications, sponsored events, and
job opportunities!

Mohawk Valley SHRM Chapter

is dedicated to being an advocate on the

most critical issues facing workplaces

and the Human Resource profession

Conscious Leadership, Leadership Development, Coaching
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