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Payroll Representation for Companies of all Sizes


                                                      Did you know?

Most businesses don’t automate and integrate their time

and attendance with their scheduling systems to prevent

                                                                 redundant data entry, errors, and omissions?

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Payroll & Payroll Tax Services: Full Service or Consulting Service


Our Full Service is a fully outsourced payroll processing service that includes all payroll related taxes (Federal, State(s), Local, Other), quarterly tax reports & filings, and year-end processing of taxes, forms, reports, and year-end tax filings.  This service is for companies that do not have a full-time dedicated payroll processing person.


We will use your existing systems or bring in a new system for processing your payroll.


We specialize in payroll automation and will understand your current provider’s platform, even if it is a manually processed payroll!


We will integrate your time & attendance system with your scheduling system and conduct training sessions for your team.


We will also update or create policies that govern payroll processing.


We are small business experts and have full service product bundles as low as $450.00/ month for businesses with less than 15 employees.





Large Company Payroll Consulting



Q: Need someone during a planned or un-planned paid-time-off for an existing staff member?


A: We will send in a payroll expert if you need to get payroll processed immediately or during a manager’s vacation.


Q: Have you recently decided to send your employees to start working from home, changing to a remote workforce?


A: Not a problem, we are experts in opening tax jurisdictions for employers who have a remote workforce.  We will establish tax jurisdiction codes for you in new states where your new employee lives, and their localities.



Q: Are you unhappy with your current payroll provider?


A: We have strong relationships with the top payroll providers in the world!  Let us help you find the perfect fit for your business needs, budget and your goals.


We can often fix the relationship you have with your current provider but if that is not possible, we will help you plan the change, and hold your hand throughout the process.  Once your new payroll system is up and running smoothly, we will remain your account representative to advocate for the services you deserve.




 Meet with us to today to discuss your experiences, your current system, and take the stress out of payroll!


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Organizations strive to balance available labor resources and workload for optimal workforce management and cost effectiveness.

Organizations leave themselves vulnerable to missed opportunities and significant risk without tools and processes to help ensure the tracking of time and attendance activity, and the collection of compliance and absence information. The right time and labor management solution can help organizations operate efficiently and effectively by having the right employees in the right place at the right time for the right cost and in ways that engage both employees and customers.

Automating time and labor processes and implementing these best practices in your organization can help payroll, HR, and time and attendance professionals make better decisions related to variable workload, labor shortages, employee competencies and skill shortages while adhering to organizational budgets.

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