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ODL Business Partners is proud to offer 5 high quality workshops for you to select from including what we believe to be the top two workshops in the world:


1)  The Organization Workshop created by author and researcher Barry Oshry.  This workshop is a transformative, powerfully real-life based experience that will benefit everyone who finds themselves inside of an organization: for-profit company, not-for-profit organization, religious & civic organizations, government agency, large families, and even neighborhoods!


That's not all...


2)  The Leadership Challenge Workshop created by authors and researchers James Kouzes and Barry Posner.  This leadership workshop is a dynamic focus on leadership practices for anyone seeking to freshen their leadership skills or who wants to move their leadership to the next level.

We offer  workshops in several different formats including THE two-day workshop format that is sought after worldwide!  Upon request we can host these two workshops back-to-back for those seeking a dynamic week of doing the business of their companies but in an environment of creativity.


Are you seeking a bargain for the professional development and training needs of your company?

All of our workshops can be customized to meet your strategic goals and by bringing the workshop to you, the per-person cost is much lower than the cost of our workshops that are open to the public.

We want to be your "Business Partner" so call us with any questions or suggestions - we will listen and we will help to find a workable solution!


When taking your professional development into your own hands, ODL is here to be your Business Partner!

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